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3 Ways You Can Be a More Effective Leader

Recently, my colleague Rick and I were chatting about his sales team. When I asked how they were doing, he let out a big sigh and said, “Well, if they could listen as well as they hear, we’d be golden.” His sales leaders were so anxious to let potential clients know about all of the great deals they had done that they a) talked only about themselves (b) forgot to ask any questions and (c) seemed surprised to find out what the client really wanted.
Sound familiar?

CommunicationEarning Trust & RespectLeadership Training

How To Knock Your Presentations Out Of The Park

It's Friday afternoon and your boss has just let you know that she needs you to step in on an important presentation- on Monday. You know this is critical to your company’s business but the mere thought of getting up in front of a group of leaders you haven’t met immediately sends cold, prickly shivers down your spine. You’re worried because you don’t know the group well, the information is new to you and you haven’t had much time to rehearse.

Sound familiar?


Top 10 Traits of Persuasive People

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