Here’s What it Takes to Gain Trust

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Last week we took a look at what happens when there is a lack of trust. But this week we want to think about what it takes to gain trust.

Harvard Business Review says 5 elements are crucial in gaining trust. Which do you think is the most important?

Interestingly, HBR experts tell us that creating positive relationships, consistent behavior and demonstrating good judgment and expertise are the most important aspects to creating trust. And, more importantly, all 3 elements must be above average in order to gain trust.

Get started with this exercise:

Here’s a short exercise I often use that you can implement with your own team:    

Step 1:  Ask your team what motivates them to build great business relationships. You can do this in a larger group (i.e., team meeting), do smaller breakouts or even a survey or poll – all work equally well. It’s the discussion afterward- the ‘why’- that counts. Here are some possible responses that can pave the way to an insightful conversation.

a. I want to help my company’s business grow.
b. I enjoy talking with my internal and external customers and clients.
c. I like to help solve problems.

Step 2: Next, ask the team how they build those relationships (it’s the ‘why’ that’s crucial):

a. With their peers?
b. With their supervisor(s)?

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