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Managing Challenging Conversations

In these critical times, leadership and the ability to retain our best talent are key. Often, managing workplace conflict and the challenging conversations that follow get in our way. Conflict affects us every day: with our co-workers clients, our tenants, and our vendors Since conflicts at work can center on both business and relationship issues, we’ll focus on strategies and tactics you can use immediately back in your office to recognize and successfully manage conflict.

This session will help leaders of all levels who want to maximize their ability to define, resolve and even benefit from conflict in the workplace. We’ll use role-play and scenarios to help you understand how to use proven techniques and strategies to manage any type of challenging conversation.

What You Will Learn…


Understand how and where conflict arises


Discover strategies to recognize and assess conflict and use effective EQ to manage it


Identify and use a roadmap to become more comfortable resolving conflict


Understand pitfalls to avoid


Learn how to coach their own teams to manage conflict

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