Need Better Communication? Here’s The Power of a Thank You and This Question

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Do you want to communicate even better with your team, clients and customers?

Here are two of my favorite tips you can use back in your office today: say “thank you” and ask them how they’re doing. Seems simple, right?

Here’s how to use this tactic to be both mindful and strategic.

Need Better Communication?

Here’s The Power of a Thank You and This Question

Try a Simple Thank You

When I first started out in business, one of my first roles was as a management trainee at a large luxury hotel. The property was star-studded: Hollywood actors, celebrity musicians, CEOs and Heads of State were our typical guests. To a recent graduate like me, this was both exciting and exasperating, as these everyday guests could be, well…demanding. It was also full immersion in how to watch (and learn) servant leadership in action. What stayed with me was the power of a simple “thank you”.

Every day at the end of our shift, Bob- the Assistant Manager and my boss- went around to every employee to thank them for their work. Why did this make a difference? Whether it was offering a thanks for staying calm on an especially chaotic day, helping a co-worker or going above and beyond, we knew that Bob actually noticed what we did and personally took the time to show his gratitude.

What we didn’t realize was that Bob was also mindfully building our trust by connecting with us via a simple but gracious action. Did we notice when Bob genuinely complimented or thanked a team member? You bet. Did that make us want to work harder for him? Absolutely!

Ask People How They’re Doing

A few years later, I had the opportunity to work with an excellent General Manager whose nickname was “Mayor Joe”. The reason? Joe was onsite at a high-rise office building which housed about a thousand employees. Every morning during rush hour Joe stood just inside the building’s massive doors, greeting his tenants and their employees as they arrived for work. Here’s the kicker: he greeted most of them by name. I have no idea how he remembered them all, but here was his secret: he asked how they were doing and he listened.

The result? Joe consistently connected with his tenants and their teams, and they felt valued. He was approachable and they felt like they belonged and that there was someone they could go to- he had their trust.

Karyn Twaronite, EY’s Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer agrees in her HBR article, The Surprising Power of Simply Asking Co-workers How They’re Doing. She says, “Seize the small opportunities to connect…For example, a simple “how are you doing?” or “how could I support you?” could go a long way in nearly every setting.”

When you’re considering your organization’s strategic plan for 2022, consider expanding on your new communication plan. The small things really do count.

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