Shannon Alter

I WORK WITH ORGANIZATIONS WHO WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH CLARITY so they can gain influence in their market, build trusted relationships and grow their business.

Shannon Alter

I work with organizations who want to communicate with clarity

in order to gain influence in their market, build better relationships and grow their business.

Trusted By

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“I really enjoyed her enthusiasm and upbeat personality.”
“Really engaging speaker !!!”
“Shannon did an excellent job. She was engaging and provided some good takeaways! Not always easy to accomplish on zoom.”
“Absolutely loved Shannon, her presentation style and the subject were very interesting and kept my attention the entire time. I would definitely be interested in a part 2 or more topics presented by her.”
“Super informative and motivational.”
“Excellent speaker! Shannon was super engaging, something that is so difficult to achieve with this new virtual world.”
“Shannon came across as knowledgeable, prepared, authentic, open and approachable.”



Building Relationships

Earning Trust and Respect

The struggle to keep employees – and clients – engaged is real. When your team isn’t engaged, or you lose your best employees, you lose precisely what helps your company win.


Getting What You Want and What You Need

Implement this leadership style in your everyday management. Your audience will focus on strategies to use immediately to
inspire and earn trust, both personally and professionally.

Communicate for Success

Managing Challenging Conversations

Communicate for Success

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Learn skills to become comfortable delivering any type of meeting, talk or presentation to clients, employees and colleagues.

Communication in Times of Crisis

How will you stay ahead of the game when it comes to communication in these extraordinary times?

What Others Are Saying

“Thank you so much for your presentation and leadership, Shannon. We are hearing rave reviews and positive feedback. I always have a few great takeaways after listening to you speak.”

– Kristopher Kopensky, CPM®
Vice President, Operations
Irvine Company Office Properties

“I was thoroughly impressed with Shannon’s ability to scope out the project, execute and deliver a product far superior to what I was expecting. Her professionalism and extensive network helped us to even expand the scope of the project. I would definitely look forward to working with Shannon again.”

– Diane K. Danielson, Chief Operating Officer
SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors

“Shannon is an energetic and well-spoken presenter whose expertise and experience is a valuable resource. Her delivery is excellent and she is professional and personable. Shannon provides interesting, relevant and useful information that our clients can take back to their offices and use immediately.”

– Brian K. Cescolini, Executive Chairman
Allied Universal Security Services

“Shannon´s unique combination of best practices, practical and hands-on expertise was exactly what we were looking for. As our company experienced rapid growth and our client base transitioned from private owners to publicly traded institutional firms, Shannon provided strategies and tactics we have been able to implement to further develop and position our organization for further growth.”

– Mark D. Toothacre, President
Pacific Medical Buildings San Diego, CA

“Shannon is a dynamic and energetic presenter whose expertise and experience was valuable for our growing team. She is a professional and knowledgeable trainer who delivers solidly and keeps participants involved. Shannon provided our team with interesting and useful information. We consider her an extension of our team.”

– Elena Molodykh, HR Manager
Jones Lang La Salle, Russia

“Shannon has always impressed me with her presentation skills. She delivers timely information in an informative way that allows the audience to fully engage in the topic. She understands the material and provides real-life scenarios that are relatable to all. Shannon provided my team with strong tips that will be useful in their leadership roles going forward. I look forward to another session!”

– Cheryl Todd, Principal
Coreland Companies

“Thank you so much! It was an absolutely wonderful presentation. I’ve seen quite a few ZOOM interactions as you can imagine and I was so happy to see how everyone remained engaged throughout. We are looking forward to the plans you inspired.”

Krista Capp, CPM®, HCCP
SVP of Property Management
Beanstalk Real Estate Solutions
IREM Michigan Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

“Shannon was wonderful to work with! She took the time to understand our needs, team dynamic, and how her training session would make the biggest impact. All of the pre-work came to life in the training session and through her facilitation style, which was much appreciated. We look forward to working with Shannon again! ”

Josh Coy
Director, Hotel Openings – Training Delivery
Openings & Transitions | IMPACT
Marriott International, U.S. & Canada

“Shannon is our Go-To partner for consulting and training opportunities! We highly recommend her well-developed programs to help get a firm or project to the next level. Our firm retained her to complete a consulting project that included development of a comprehensive property analysis and property management plan. Shannon’s work was outstanding, and allowed us to deliver a well- researched, thorough and comprehensive report to our client.”

Jay Kacirk
CPM Emeritus, CCAM
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
Executive Vice President, President – Rental Trust Division

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About Shannon

Leading Author & Speaker

Shannon has over 25 years of experience in hotel and commercial real estate management and is now taking the leadership strategies she developed and used to other businesses on a global scale. From increasing client and customer satisfaction to developing successful marketing solutions to creating and retaining exceptional teams,
Shannon’s programs have been used throughout the United States and internationally by organizations of all sizes. She is the author of two books, “Say it With Success: Foolproof Ways to Enhance your Presentation Skills” and “Strategies for Working With Small Tenants”, leadership white papers and numerous industry articles, including a long-time column for the Journal of Property Management.

Shannon’s Books

Say It with success

Foolproof ways to enhance your presentation skills. 

Strategies for working with small tenants

Be Influential

Top 10 Traits of Persuasive People

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