PRESS RELEASE: Shannon Alter’s New Book Inspires Action

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Author Shannon Alter’s new release Be Influential: Surefire Ways  to Improve Your Presentation Skills is getting rave reviews. In this book, Shannon Alter delivers solid tactics for  business leaders who want to know exactly what to say- and how to say it- in any conversation or presentation. 

Imagine…you’re getting ready for your next client presentation, or you’re a first-time  on the conference stage. You can already feel your nerves tingling, and you feel the anxiety increasing, wondering if you’ll remember everything you want to say. 

Instead, imagine how it would feel if you knew you would nail your next presentation.  Be Influential gives you the surefire skills to become more influential in any presentation, any situation, and any conversation. 

Here’s the secret to your success: It all boils down to confidence, preparation, and editing what you say. 

Throughout Be Influential, readers will discover remedies to be successful in any conversation, long or short, formal or informal. Sample scenarios, valuable tools, and exercises at the end of each chapter will show you how to set the foundation for your talk, hook  your audience, prep your presentation, and most importantly, boost your confidence for greater impact.  You’ll learn how to conquer imposter syndrome, quell those jitters, and master the true art of handling questions. 

Whether you’re a young professional, a seasoned executive, or just have a desire to improve your everyday  communication, this book is a game-changer for you. 

What people are saying…

I love good storytelling … and Shannon Alter is a very good storyteller. Shannon enhances this book with her  passion, experience, empathy, and candor… and by painting a picture for the reader by drawing on her own  personal stories; she invites us to ‘try on’ the concepts she is teaching, making them all the more relatable and  immediately valuable. I was easily able to connect the concepts and stories with situations I have experienced in  my life. I only wish Shannon had written this book 30 years ago!” -Barry Blanton, CPM®, Chief Problem Solver, Principal, Blanton Turner 

“While reading Shannon’s book I felt like I was sitting across a small table from her while she was giving me  one-on-one advice on how to be successful in every imaginable speaking opportunity. This book is filled with  great stories and tips for both the beginner speaker and the pro.” -Richard Muhlebach, CPM®, CRE, RPA, SCSM, CRX, Vice President, Bond Retail 

With over 30 years of experience in hospitality and commercial real estate management,  Shannon Alter has taken leadership strategies she developed to other businesses on a global  scale. Shannon has worked with organizations who have a desire to communicate with clarity; to  gain influence in their market, build better relationships, and grow their business. Her programs  are sought throughout the United States and internationally by organizations of all sizes.  

As a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in theater arts, Shannon has  leveraged her presentation skills and ability to communicate with a wide array of audiences in the  high-touch industries of real estate and hospitality. Her expertise in presentation style gives her to  opportunity to speak internationally and train leaders around the world. 

When not spending time entertaining audiences and traveling the world, Shannon enjoys her life  in Southern California with her family. She adores her Golden Retriever and loves to vacation just  about anywhere. To connect with Shannon, visit

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