You can use these techniques when you’re:


Included in a sales pitch,

but aren’t the salesperson


Meeting with your boss,

 or leadership team


Presenting at a board meeting

 or conference


Having a conversation with your child’s teacher

or coach


Not long ago, I was chatting with a colleague about an important presentation she recently gave. When I asked how it went, she said, “I confess. I was reading my notes.” I asked why and she hesitated for a moment, but said, “I thought there were only going to be two other people in the meeting, but when I walked in, there were actually ten. I just kind of panicked and my brain froze! I didn’t know what else to do to get through the presentation.”

If you’ve experienced this same feeling of dread, you’re probably wondering how you can solve this problem. Here’s the good news: it’s easier than you think.


If you’re like me, it happens just like clockwork. Maybe you’ve had recurring nightmares a few days before you’re about to give an important talk. When I first started speaking and training, I would have stress dreams, especially the night before.

Usually, my nightmare went something like this: I’d arrive at the venue for my presentation, only to find that the door was locked, I arrived on the wrong day, or I had massive bedhead while wearing the wrong clothes. I’d even dream that I was onstage and dropped a stack of notes that went scattering everywhere, and worst of all, I’d completely forget what to say.

Sample scenarios, valuable tools, and exercises at the end of each chapter will show you how to set the foundation for your talk, hook your audience, prep your presentation, and most importantly, boost your confidence for greater impact.

You’ll learn how to conquer imposter syndrome, quell those jitters, and master the true art of handling questions.

Whether you’re a young professional, a seasoned executive, or just have a desire to improve your everyday communication, this book is a game-changer for you.

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You’re getting ready for your next client presentation, or you’re a first-time on the conference stage.

You can already feel your nerves tingling, and you feel the anxiety increasing, wondering if you’ll remember everything you want to say.

Instead, imagine how it would feel if you knew you would nail your next presentation.

Be Influential gives you the surefire skills to become more influential in any presentation, any situation, and any conversation.

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