Why I Decided To Write Another Book

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For the past 6 months I have been busy behind the scenes writing my next book!

Why did I decide to write another book?

Well the idea for this book has been bubbling away in my head for a long time.  I am passionate about communicating with clarity and confidence. I knew from my years worth of experience and how the world has changed rapidly over the last few years that as a consequence of Covid-19 people are nervous about presenting. We have been so used to communicating through a screen that I thought it was an ideal time to share my top strategies with the world as a lot has changed since my first book that I wrote back in 2010.

So the theme for the book is how to improve your presentation skills, but coming at it from an angle that speaking opportunities are always an honor. To share your thoughts and ideas, owning a room and building connections with others is what gets me excited!

I’ve recently been coaching some young professionals and small business owners in addition to my usual client work and it has been fascinating to hear about their journeys when speaking in meetings or goals to get on stage in 2023.

Improving your communication skills can be part of your self development goals. There are so many benefits to being better able to communicate:

  • Improving relationships with colleagues, clients and customers

  • Effective communication can lead to better teamwork and productivity as a result

  • Improved self esteem with more confidence and clarity

  • Better opportunities for work and in your personal life

My book goes into much more detail about the research and preparation needed to be able to present effectively.

Which types of presentations to choose from and the strategy required for each, how to work the room and command attention.

I offer tips on how to map out a great presentation that will hook in your audience and keep them engaged!

I offer my 30 years of experience of presenting to many different audiences. My tips include how to rehearse, what you need to do for the tech as well as some quick confidence strategies that keep those nerves at bay just as you are getting ready to start!

My key learnings from writing a book are that you need clear, concise and effective communication skills!

It also takes a lot of self learning and self-discovery and a truck load of patience. I am very impatient to launch it to the world but it requires lots of processes, editing, redrafts and persistence to get to the final manuscript.

And not to mention the marketing strategy plan, book launch and swag to go with it!

This book as it allows me to reach more people across the globe, sharing how I can boost their ability to communicate better.  I help people to change their mindset and give them the confidence to present themselves in a positive way. For any situation; in a meeting, on a stage, with clients or even family members.

Get a copy of my new book here: www.leaderseceed.com/be-influential

Or if you’d like to hear more about my 1:1 coaching or client workshops please do send me a DM to book in for a no obligation call.

Here’s to communicating with clarity!

What people are saying…

I love good storytelling … and Shannon Alter is a very good storyteller. Shannon enhances this book with her  passion, experience, empathy, and candor… and by painting a picture for the reader by drawing on her own  personal stories; she invites us to ‘try on’ the concepts she is teaching, making them all the more relatable and  immediately valuable. I was easily able to connect the concepts and stories with situations I have experienced in  my life. I only wish Shannon had written this book 30 years ago!” -Barry Blanton, CPM®, Chief Problem Solver, Principal, Blanton Turner 

“While reading Shannon’s book I felt like I was sitting across a small table from her while she was giving me  one-on-one advice on how to be successful in every imaginable speaking opportunity. This book is filled with  great stories and tips for both the beginner speaker and the pro.” -Richard Muhlebach, CPM®, CRE, RPA, SCSM, CRX, Vice President, Bond Retail 

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