Want to level up your communication skills in 2024?

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If you’re wondering how to unleash your team’s potential this year, think about what the power of confident communication can do.

When I connect with clients and colleagues alike, they all agree that communication these days can be an issue- and sometimes, that means there’s an almost complete lack of communication, period.

It’s no surprise that feeling awkward, hesitant, or worried about upcoming board meetings, presentations or difficult conversations can give the best of leaders the chills. Perhaps you’ve seen it before: grappling with nerves can often hold our teams back from achieving their true potential.

Having the confidence to express yourself and show your expertise in a board meeting or presentation takes practice. I’d estimate that when I work with clients, it comes down to confidence at least 125% of the time!

Think about how long it took you to gain expertise in your industry, or your current role. Your likely response is “Well, it took a while!”.  It took determination, persistence, connections and…practice.

It’s not just about what our leaders say, it’s about how they say it: body language really does count. And there is a ripple effect: everyone will want to get on board.

What’s the first step? Recognize your communication challenges. Step #2 is to commit to do something with it- invest the time in your employees. I work with professionals 1:1 to help them develop their leadership and communication style. When we work together, leaders learn how to improve their presence, body language and how to express themselves confidently.

THIS is what will transform your leaders into top-notch talent. 

What will you do next to elevate and uplevel your team’s communication skills?

Contact me on Shannon@LeadersExceed.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss how we can work together to transform your team and unleash their true potential!

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